We were assigned to redesign the logo as well as the printed material of one of the best places found in Chania; Feidias Eatery House. Our quest was successfully completed just in time for the festive season which is obvious through its sophisticated takeaway cups and promising christmas menu. Constantly seeking to exceed its previous expectations, Feidias Eatery House keeps up with the current developments both digitally and in terms of what it offers to its customers daily. To implement the extra applications needed to conclude our work, such as the drinks menu and corporate cards, we had to simplify its previous logo while modernizing it at the same time. A typography play is also evident as “F” serves as the element that gave birth to the logotype. Premium paper combined with two powerful shades – Pantone 7557C and Pantone Black 3C offers effortlessly the classy yet modern and amiable character that Feidias is all about.


Logotype, Menu design, Rebranding, Corporate cards , Brand identity

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