simple city furniture store

For Simple City we proposed a strong #storytelling which would enable us to communicate in a smart and unique way the campaigns. Subsequently, the re-branding of the logo as well as the entire corporate identity was based on this. All the elements involved in the brand are captured in a special way in each template such as the business card, electronic signature, wrapping paper and bags, workwear and gift card. Corporate communication for #simplecity does not stop at print or digital only, but is even integrated into the company's facilities and corporate fleet. The digital communication channels, Instagram & Facebook follow the company's core storytelling in context and visual content. The company's advertising campaigns respectively serve the core message of the most Simple solutions for each user/customer. The campaigns are built around the marketing & sales funnel to constantly "fill" cold audiences, which will then reach with other types of campaigns to become hot audience hence customers. The stats we get from google analytics help us not only to measure performance, but also to make continuous optimizations where and when needed. Digital communication and the whole strategy is always based on storytelling and this is what makes it successful.


Design of the logo and corporate identity, social media management

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